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A former money manager discovers how investing can be about much more than making money…

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The Book

S tephanie griffiths was a successful money manager and self-described workaholic when she learned to meditate, hoping to reduce her stress and improve her productivity. But when she suddenly lost her job, meditation became a path to a fresh perspective on investing and on life.

By cultivating what Buddhists call “beginner’s mind,” Griffiths opened her eyes to a much richer range of possibilities, both personal and financial.

Sit Still and Prosper Book

Sit Still and Prosper cuts through the complexity and confusion of personal finance, offering research-based answers to questions many of us are afraid to ask. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re saving enough for retirement, how to reduce your risk of receiving bad financial advice, or whether to believe the bold promises of the new generation of tech-driven financial products, Sit Still and Prosper offers a simple, sensible path to clarity—for your money and for your life.

The Author

With no natural aptitude, Stephanie learned to love finance for financial reasons after her first child was born and she realized she couldn’t afford daycare on a magazine intern’s salary.

In 1997, she joined one of Canada’s leading mutual fund companies, where she worked her way up to fund manager while raising two children single-handedly in her spare time.

Since leaving the industry in 2013, Stephanie has invested heavily in chasing her dreams, earning a master’s degree, attending meditation retreats, and writing this book. She’s currently seeking her next adventure.


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments about the book, or just want to connect. I’d love to hear from you!

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